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LVRG ScrapbookWednesday, March 04, 2009:

100 years ago: “Mr Max Hirsch dies at Vladivostock”

A private cable message, received in Melbourne, stated that Mr Max Hirsch, one of the best known public men in Victoria, had died at Vladivostock, at 6.30 this morning.

Mr Hirsch, who left Melbourne some time ago on an extended tour, had not been in good health. Death was due to cancer on the liver.

The deceased gentleman was a native of Cologne, Germany, where he was born on September 21, 1852. He was educated at the High School of Eschweiler and the Berlin University.

Coming to Victoria in 1879, he at once interested himself in politics. He was a strong supporter of the policy of freetrade, and was vice-president of the Victorian Freetrade Association and the Liberal Association from 1891, and President of the Single Tax League of Australia.

Mr Hirsch was for a brief period — 1902-3 — a member of the Assembly of Victoria. He was author of several works and pamphlets on political subjects, and was correspondent in Victoria for the British Board of Trade.

The Herald (Melbourne), March 4, 1909.

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